Thickening of blood vessels is one of the consequences in people suffering from diabetes. This decreases the flow of nutrients and the elimination of debris from the tissues that connect with the blood vessels. This impediment in the circulation can weaken the gums and bones, making them more susceptible to infections.

The development of these effect is prolonged and its external signs only appear after several years without manifesting any symptoms during this period. It is important to perform preventive care of the oral cavity to prevent this effect early before it fully develops.

For this purpose, it is advisable for the diabetic to maintain a constant oral care at two levels:

  • Professional: By periodically visiting your dentist (especially gingival) and performing professional cleaning as often as your dentist recommends (usually every six months).
  • Personnel: Daily intensifying your cleaning and dental care, attending to your needs for preventive care.

To optimize oral care for the diabetics, we have developed DentYucral D, a unique toothpaste, with a complete formula that caters to all the needs of oral cleaning and care that a diabetic needs.